20. DC. I Like Blunts & Art.

I'm A Published Designer & Photographer, btw.

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jvpxntrvppin: Might sound stupid but is this the official Spxrk clothing?

I am the owner and head designer, yeah. The official page is SPXRK.tumblr.com

younglordaina: Good looks on rocking my brother's Spxrk clothing #SpxrkSeason


no problem. kevin is the homie for life. nothing will change. tell him i said hi.

phantomicvibes: Yo you heard of Spxrk clothing or Futurereplica?


Not really the Future Replica but the Spxrk clothing looks dope I might cop

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✌️ Miami !
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Best Of Both Worlds || Shot By JUANHUNNIT
Anonymous: Whoever's asking for a weed dealer in DC come off anon and I will contact you. I grow my own shit so you wont be getting that bullshit from other dealers. I got weed, all white bricks, off white bricks, light tan bricks etc etc.


Anonymous: Is it easy to get weed in DC? Heading there for college next year and just wanna know what's up.

Yeah, but you gotta know the right people

Anonymous: babbbbbyyyyy 💕


Anonymous: How much do u charge for a photoshoot